On the morning of July 29, 2020, at the meeting room of NAVICO, a signing ceremony between NAVICO and Can Tho University was held in the fields of agriculture, aquaculture, seafood processing and fertilizer. At the same time, between NAVICO and Hanoi Agricultural Development and Investment Company., Ltd. – Bac Ha, the signing ceremony of cooperation on pangasius product distribution was also held.

Attending the signing ceremony were Mr. Tran Anh Thu - Vice Chairman of An Giang Provincial People's Committee, Ms. Pham Thi Yen Nhi - Deputy Director of An Giang Department of Science and Technology; Ms. Vo Thi Thanh Van - Deputy Director of An Giang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development; Mr. Doan Toi - Chairman of NAVICO together with the Board of Directors of NAVICO are Deputy General Directors and representatives of departments. From An Giang University, there were also Professor Ha Thanh Toan - Principal of the representative university. From Hanoi Agricultural Development and Investment Company., Ltd. – Bac Ha representative is Mr. Duong Thanh Trung - Director of Bac Ha factory.

Accordingly, NAVICO and Can Tho University have agreed to cooperate on comprehensive transfer in areas of mutual interest such as:

- In the field of Aquaculture: Applying cooperation to breed high-tech parents; nursery, farming; traceability; environmental treatment, ... with the desire to get the best quality products.

- Regarding fertilizer: producing foliar fertilizer, organic fertilizer from main materials such as pangasius and dead fish during farming. From the waste products will now become auxiliary materials to produce organic fertilizer in part to help solve environmental problems.

- Training, transferring the application of digital technology in aquaculture: Currently the group has more than 30 masters trained in techniques, technologies, ... from Can Tho University.

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At the ceremony, Mr. Ha Thanh Toan expressed his deep gratitude for the cooperation between local authorities, departments and sectors that supported Can Tho University and NAVICO to be a turning point for cooperation to new heights. In order to achieve the set goals, the two sides will implement specific actions to achieve the best results of local development, schools, NAVICO,… in particular and Vietnam's economy in general. During the epidemic period, Covid-19 was happening complicatedly.

At the same time, on the same day, Ms. Do Thi Thanh Thuy - Sales Manager of Nam Viet Group and Mr. Duong Thanh Trung - Director of Bac Ha Factory's branch signed a cooperation agreement to distribute Pangasius products to the North of Vietnam.

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This signing ceremony marks a new development step, the first step to create orthodox distribution channels with appropriate product lines, clear origin and quality for consumers.

At the ceremony, the parties exchanged and shared the goals, directions, potential of cooperation towards depth, and agreed on sustainable cooperation and development based on the contents according to the strengths of each side. The parties expressed their joy at the new step of cooperation, and hoped that the signing ceremony would contribute to opening up more opportunities for cooperation in making pangasius products as a strategic product of nationally, to avoid anti-dumping situation and reduce export pressure.

Source: Navico